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Need help? Get in touch and we'll be glad to assist! But please read through our handy FAQ first to get your answer ASAP, since most questions we receive by email are already answered here, including inquiries about sold out tours, extra tickets, private tours, and technical difficulties.

If your question isn't addressed here, scroll down to find out how to get in touch. 

The tour I want is sold out, or there aren't enough tickets for my party! Can you make more available?

Unfortunately, once tours sell out, they are sold out. Our tour capacity is set by the City of Cape May and we cannot make more tickets available once we reach that capacity. Try checking another date or time, and if you already purchased tickets for part of your group, you can try transferring your tickets to another tour with more availability to add more guests to your party. See this article from Eventbrite for help on transferring tickets, and get in touch with Eventbrite customer service directly if you need technical help with a ticket transfer.

I had tickets in my cart, but Eventbrite wouldn't let me finish checking out! What happened?

When there are a limited number of tickets left for a tour and multiple people have them in their cart at the same time, the first person to complete the checkout process will secure the last remaining tickets. If this happens while you are in the middle of the checkout process, Eventbrite will not let you complete the order because the tickets are no longer available. Please try another date with more availability if you'd still like to join us!

What will your future tour availability be like?

We post the latest information about tour availability here on our website and on our Eventbrite page, so keep checking these places for updates! We aren't able to offer further information by email beyond what's been shared publicly.

Do you offer private tours?

We are not offering private tours at this time in order to maximize the availability of our regularly-scheduled tours.

I need to change my tickets for a different date or time. How can I do that?

Please see this article from Eventbrite. If you need additional help with transferring tickets, contact Eventbrite customer service directly.

How can I request a refund?

Like most live entertainment event providers, we have a limited refund policy. Please see Transfers and Refunds on our Policies for full details.

I'm having technical difficulties purchasing tickets, transferring tickets, or using Eventbrite. How can I get help?

Please contact Eventbrite customer service directly for help with any technical difficulties using Eventbrite. We aren't set up to process payments outside of Eventbrite, so we can't sell tickets via email or in person.

GET IN Touch

If your question or issue hasn't been addressed above or on Know Before You Go and Policies, drop us a line at

If you have a last-minute issue that affects your ability to attend your tour, please remember that refund requests, ticket transfers, late arrivals, and weather issues are subject to our Policies.

If you’re having technical difficulties with Eventbrite’s website or app, including loading the tour schedule, ordering tickets, viewing purchased tickets, transferring tickets, or requesting a refund within our policy through Eventbrite, contact Eventbrite’s customer service directly.

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