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Scroll down to find out more about purchasing tickets, parking and checking in for your tour, accessibility, age guidelines, weather, restroom availability, and tour etiquette. For details on late arrivals, cancellations, and refunds, see our Policies.

We also have a handy downloadable and printable version of our key information, including how to join us, what to expect, how to get help, and our policies, for those who would like an offline reference:



Our tours take 45 minutes - 1 hour to complete, depending on guest pace and the number of questions asked. Each tour includes around 20 - 25 minutes of walking time, in stretches of 1 - 5 minutes at a time.

Ghost Capers are entirely open-air, and we stop outside eight locations to share stories of how their history might connect with their alleged hauntings. For each location, we offer our theory as to who might be haunting the place and why.



Tickets must be purchased online via Eventbrite prior to the scheduled tour time, as our tour guide is not equipped to process transactions on site. If you're having trouble with a ticket purchase due to technical issues, please reach out to Eventbrite customer service directly!

Our tours have a capacity limit due to our licensing agreement with the City of Cape May, so we cannot make more tickets available for sold out tours. We make 100% of our tickets available on Eventbrite, so we don't have additional tickets to offer to parties who reach out to request them. Please make sure that you book enough tickets for your entire party at the time of booking--we recommend booking at least one week in advance for best availability, especially for larger groups.


Due to our tour capacity limits, all guests require tickets, including infants in strollers.


Tours meet at 700 Washington Street, directly in front of the Cape May Post Office. We do not have designated parking, so plan to arrive early enough to find street parking if needed. Spots in Cape May can fill quickly, especially in summer and on weekends.

There is no signage for our tour at the meeting place, but our guide will be waiting at the meeting spot from 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled tour start time, wearing a Ghost Capers shirt and carrying a lantern. Please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of your scheduled tour start time to give our guide time to check everyone in.

To check in, give our guide the name under which your party is booked, show your tickets on your mobile device, or show printed tickets.


Our tours are walking-intensive and include around 20-25 minutes of active walking time in stretches of 1-5 minutes at a time, broken by stops outside our seven haunted locations. The tour route is around a mile in total and proceeds at a pace of around 20-25 minutes per mile.


We welcome the use of mobility aids, but please note that our tour route may not be fully accessible due to narrow and uneven pavement.


While our guide carries a lantern and we encourage the use of flashlights, our route can be dark. Our guide's lips may not be fully visible at all times to lip-readers.


Guests of all ages are welcome on our Ghost Capers, though we believe the tour is best enjoyed by guests ages 12 and up. Due to our tour capacity limits, all guests require tickets, including infants in strollers. The tour does include references to topics some may find sensitive including death by natural causes, the Civil War (including battle, injury, imprisonment, and threat of execution), and a death that was potentially self-inflicted. We aim to treat these subjects respectfully and do not discuss them in explicit detail.


Our route takes us through Cape May's residential streets and stops in front of private homes, vacation rentals, and hotels. We ask that tour participants remain on public sidewalks at all times and practice courtesy towards Cape May's residents and guests. This includes but is not limited to refraining from shouting, littering, trespassing, or otherwise causing a disturbance.


The closest public restroom is the Washington Street Comfort Station, which is about a five minute walk from the tour start/end location. Please leave enough time to visit the restroom before the tour start time if you need to, as we cannot wait for those who need to leave to use the restroom. We also do not pass by public trash receptacles so please dispose of any trash before joining us or plan to carry it with you during the tour.


Our tours will proceed in the rain, so pack an umbrella or poncho if rain is on the forecast! The weather in Cape May can be hot in the summer, even at night, and can be chilly in the spring and autumn, so please check the forecast and plan accordingly. 

A chance of thunderstorms is often on the forecast for summer evenings in Cape May, but the probability and precise timing of thunderstorms can be unpredictable, and forecasts can frequently change throughout the day and even throughout the hour leading up to the tour. Because of this, we'll make a final decision about proceeding at the tour start time based on the current weather conditions and the most recent information available from the National Weather Service. This is a policy to protect everyone's safety, as we can't guarantee that a "clear" forecast earlier in the evening will remain clear as the tour gets closer! 

Summer evening thunderstorms are typically single-cell thunderstorms that form and dissipate quite quickly, which is why we wait until the tour start time to make our final decision and don't automatically cancel if a storm starts in the hour leading up to the tour. If you like, you can read more about single-cell thunderstorms from NOAA and brush up on the difference between a watch and a warning from the National Weather Service to get a little extra insight into why we wait until the tour start time to make a decision about proceeding!

For full details on our weather policy including cancellations due to severe weather, please see our Policies page.


Please review our policies for full details on late arrivals, refunds, and cancellations:

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